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An honourable TV nod for Decathlon


An honourable TV nod for Decathlon

It’s a stimulating concept that has certainly peaked Mediaworks’ interest: expert trainer Hannah White takes ordinary members of the public who are guilty of neglecting their own fitness levels, and enters them into some of the world’s most extreme endurance races.

The first episode was aired January 13th on Channel Five and chartered the gruelling journey of four professional doctors who were given just 12 weeks to prepare for one of the most demanding bicycle races in Europe – a 127-mile test of personal conviction affectionately named the Bone Breaker.

Being the media-savvy TV addicts that we are, Mediaworks’ outreach team arranged for Decathlon to be featured on the programme. This resulted in Go Hard Or Go Home receiving a generous selection of quality equipment that would help the contestants succeed – including clipless pedal shoes, bike pumps, inner tubes, water bottles and cages, and daddle bags.

We’re always working hard for our clients and Decathlon was awarded special thanks for its involvement in the episode. The nod from Channel Five perfectly co-insides with the launch of Decathlon Squared, a fun and interactive programme that sets its own fitness challenges and asks you to join in.

To see more of Decathlon’s products, alongside an impressive display of human willpower, be sure to keep watching the series.

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Nikki Chapman

Posted by Nikki Chapman on 30th January, 2014

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