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Newcastle College is one of the biggest further/higher education colleges in the UK, with over 20,000 students. The organisation came to Mediaworks for help increasing the number of school leavers, higher-education prospects and adult learners applying for its courses.


We devised a comprehensive paid-search strategy tailored specifically for Newcastle College’s target audiences.

Google search network ads were rolled out to capture the attention of audiences expressing a direct interest in the college’s services. We appealed to the right people and used the budget efficiently with carefully chosen keywords and optimised, bespoke copy.

Display network ads were used to get Newcastle College in front of new — yet relevant — audiences. Tactical employment of video ads enabled us to better appeal to potential applicants, as the attention-grabbing medium facilitates effective communication.

With factors such as 16-year-old school leavers’ inability to drive in mind, we used geo-targeting to ensure all ads were targeted only to those within suitable distance of the college.


The number of conversions achieved in just the first month of the campaign far exceeded expectations. The view-through conversion figures were also impressive, suggesting that the ads were having a lasting impact on users.

All was achieved at a cost per action (CPA) especially low in the education sector, where thousands is often spend on TV, radio and billboard ads that fail to generate measurable results.

Building a strong relationship with Newcastle College enabled us to achieve spectacular results in a short space of time. We’re eager to see how we can further benefit the client with PPC by making use of search over key periods, and ensure huge numbers of potential students apply for a course.

John Cave

Head of PPC

  • Tailored targeting

    A bespoke paid-search strategy allowed us to tailor Newcastle College ads to potential students, and target these carefully crafted messages precisely. This ensured we could maximise conversion rates while minimising cost per action.

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