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Online Marketing Case Study:  Hayes Garden World Logo

Hayes Garden World
Gardening, Retail
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Following a successful summer SEO campaign leading garden product retailer, Hayes Garden World, wanted to increase their exposure and drive sales of artificial Christmas trees through their website.

The seasonal campaign needed to ensure high rankings for a number of highly searched key phrases over the October-December period (where searches were at a peak) in order to maximise total sales.

Christmas Tree Searches 2004-2010


In order to achieve the objectives, Hayes Garden World needed to compete against a number of well-established websites specialising in Christmas trees and related products.  Based on in-depth competitor analysis and detailed keyword research, Mediaworks were able to devise an online marketing strategy that would ensure high rankings in time for the seasonal peak.

Mediaworks undertook a comprehensive link building campaign in order to develop natural, Christmas related links to the Hayes Garden World site to build trust and authority and establish the site in Top 5 positions for the pre-determined key phrases on Google UK.


In line with the campaign objectives, Hayes Garden World experienced a large increase in the Search Engine rankings across a five-month period:

Keyword Google.co.uk Position
August 2010
Google.co.uk Position
December 2010
Christmas Trees Not in the top 100 2 >98
Christmas Tree Not in the top 100 3 >97
Artificial Christmas Trees 81 1 80
Christmas Trees Artificial 99 1 98
3ft Christmas Trees 12 1 11
5ft Christmas Trees 13 1 12
12ft Christmas Trees 7 2 5

This resulted in an increase in the volume of traffic generated for Christmas tree related key phrases:

Hayes Garden World Traffic Results

In line with this increase in traffic, Hayes Garden World saw online sales and revenue increase such as:

  • A 96.94% increase in Christmas related Organic traffic (December 2009 vs. December 2010).
  • Over 33% increase in total non-brand sales.
  • A 36.48% increase in average non-brand order values.

“Since taking on Mediaworks to do our optimisation and link building, results have been so successful in increasing our Christmas turnover year on year that this is now seen as our most important advertising spend. We move forward annually with an expectation of further growth as a result of the trust and confidence that Hayes have in Mediaworks.”

Lyndan Orvis, Sales & E-Commerce Manager


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