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Google Test Tabular Sitelinks

On 4th July we spotted a huge change to the Google User Interface – With “Tabular Sitelinks” appearing across a range of queries for UK search results.

Marc Swann

Posted by Marc Swann on 4th July, 2012

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Google Listing Preview

As we know, Google is regularly testing new changes to their UI; some make it and some don’t. What do we think of the latest changes?

Daniel Hoggan

Posted by Daniel Hoggan on 29th May, 2012

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Four Unexpected Effects of the SOPA Blackout

On 18th Jan 2012, millions of Americans faced a SOPA blackout to promote awareness about the SOPA and PIPA piracy bills in the U.S.

Michael Finnigan

Posted by Michael Finnigan on 20th January, 2012

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The Twelve ‘Shopping Trends’ of Christmas

The 2011 Christmas shopping season is on track to break records. Read all about the 12 shopping trends of Christmas.

Michael Finnigan

Posted by Michael Finnigan on 22nd December, 2011

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Brands Benefit from Mega Sitelinks in Google

Google are continually testing changes to ensure the best experience for users. One of the largest changes is the testing of mega sitelinks.

Kev Strong

Posted by Kev Strong on 16th August, 2011

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EU Cookie Law: What It Means For You

Earlier this year UK websites were given a deadline of the 26th May 2011 to implement the required changes to comply with the new EU Cookie Law (i.e. the Privacy and Communications Directive) – a legislative law to help protect user’s information online. The changes required were to involve the option to browse websites without [...]

Kev Strong

Posted by Kev Strong on 9th August, 2011

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In-House SEO: The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

When it comes to online marketing, many companies are taking their resources in house. Whilst this works for some, the grass isn’t always greener for others

Kev Strong

Posted by Kev Strong on 28th January, 2011

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Open Site Explorer Bookmarklet

With the release of Open Site Explorer yesterday, we at Mediaworks have created a simple Open Site Explorer bookmarklet to enable our SEO’s to access information quickly and easily.  Hopefully this can be of some use to you as well. Create an Open Site Explorer Bookmarklet To create your Open Site Explorer Bookmarklet for Firefox, simply follow the steps [...]

Daniel Hoggan

Posted by Daniel Hoggan on 21st January, 2010

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