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Open Site Explorer Bookmarklet

With the release of Open Site Explorer yesterday, we at Mediaworks have created a simple Open Site Explorer bookmarklet to enable our SEO’s to access information quickly and easily.  Hopefully this can be of some use to you as well.

Create an Open Site Explorer Bookmarklet

To create your Open Site Explorer Bookmarklet for Firefox, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Right click on a blank Toolbar or your existing Bookmark Toolbar
  2. Choose “New Bookmark”
  3. Choose a Name.  We chose ‘OSE! Links’
  4. Decide on the version and paste the relevant code into Location:
    Same Window Version:  javascript:location.href='http://www.opensiteexplorer.org/'+location.host+'/a!links'
    New Tab Version: javascript:(function(){ window.open('http://www.opensiteexplorer.org/'+location.host+'/a!links');})()
  5. Add additional descriptions, keywords or notes you require and click Save.

You now have access to Open Site Explorer’s inbound link count direct from any website that you are visiting at the click of a button.

Additional Open Site Explorer Sections

You can also change the location in the bookmarklet above to access the additional sections such as:

Linking Domains:  javascript:location.href='http://www.opensiteexplorer.org/'+location.host+'/a!domains'
Anchor Text Distribution:  javascript:location.href='http://www.opensiteexplorer.org/'+location.host+'/a!anchors'
Full list of Link Metrics:  javascript:location.href='http://www.opensiteexplorer.org/'+location.host+'/a!metrics'

It appears that so long as you are logged in with your SEOmoz account you should be able to access to the full 1,000 (free) or 10,000(PRO) links straight away. If you haven’t used Open Site Explorer yet, we would highly recommend it.


Daniel Hoggan

Posted by Daniel Hoggan on 21st January, 2010

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