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We’re always on the lookout for new talent

Here at Mediaworks, we are constantly looking to expand our team, and one way we hunt out new talent is through internships. During their time with us, we provide all of our interns with full SEO training, developing their key skills and letting their natural abilities flourish.

Meet our new recruits from our SEO Internship scheme

This summer, Mediaworks HQ opened its doors to Jack Collier, Autumn Wiberg and Sarah Adams, three determined interns that impressed us so much, we decided to hire them permanently. Here are their stories:

Jack, fresh from his English Literature degree

Jack, fresh from his English Literature degree

Fresh from graduating with a 1st class degree in English Literature, Jack was the first of our interns this summer. Hearing about the opportunities from a presentation at Northumbria University, Jack was welcomed into the copywriting team upon completion of his SEO internship.

Jack said: “I first heard about Mediaworks from one of my lecturers, who told me that the company was looking to recruit recent graduates for their copywriting team. When I learnt that someone from the company was giving a presentation about careers in marketing, I decided to try my luck and find out if they offered internships. One month later, I was offered a permanent contract with Mediaworks as a web copywriter.”

Autumn, arriving from Northumbria University

Autumn, arriving from Northumbria University

Starting her internship way back in August, Autumn learnt about the opportunities available with Mediaworks through her course mate Jack. Having recently graduated with a 1st Class degree, she decided to apply for a copywriting internship to really put her new skills to use. To her delight, she was offered a six week internship that quickly turned into a full-time position.

She said: “I am really happy to have landed a position as a web copywriter with Mediaworks. I am excited to see my skills develop and grow with the company.”

Sarah, currently studying at Sunderland Univeristy

Sarah, currently studying at Sunderland Univeristy

It is not just university graduates that Mediaworks is keen to work with. Currently in the third year of her Magazine Journalism degree, Sarah joined us through Sunderland University’s summer placement scheme. We were so impressed with her copywriting skills that we offered her the position on a part-time basis, while she completes her studies.

Sarah said: ‘I’m passionate about writing, so to discover a job that lets you write all day is something of a dream. This is a fantastic opportunity for me make the most of my skills as a writer, while I finish my degree at university.’

As the Mediaworks machine continues to expand, there are sure to be even more talented individuals recruited through SEO internships.


Autumn Wiberg

Posted by Autumn Wiberg on 14th October, 2013

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