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Web Analytics Consultancy

Data analysis and interpretation to support decision making

web_analytics main banner 550x300What is Analytics Consultancy?

Utilising Web Analytics, you are able to study how your customers are interacting with your site. Looking at top level metrics and drilling down in granular details, Analytics consultancy is designed to help you make sense of your website’s visitor data. Ensuring that your website is collecting the right data, it is possible to digest and interpret the information provided by your analytics package, with clear and concise reports containing expert advice and actionable business insights recommendations going forward.

Why do I need Analytics Consulting?

Web analytics explainer graphic 265x285Despite the complex metrics you receive from Analytics packages, extracting the key data is fundamental. From simple aspects like understanding how individual keywords are performing from an SEO and PPC level to more complex tasks like highlighting pivotal areas of your site where improvements are needed due to anomalous visitor activity, analytics consulting will help you break down the data so you can see the method of acquisition, the behaviour thereafter and ultimately understand the outcome in order to put in place measures to highlight areas for improvement and areas of success.

Why Choose Mediaworks?

web analytics explainer graphic 2 265x285At mediaworks, we are able to take our in-depth knowledge of all aspects of online marketing and interpret your web analytics data to help give actionable information. As holders of Google’s Professional Certification in Analytics, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a scientific approach which works to improve your bottom line. Our consultants have a broad experience working with some of the world’s leading businesses across a range of Analytics platforms including Omniture, Coremetrics and Google Analytics, aided by experience working within various industry verticals coupled with our passion to deliver, means we are at the competitive edge when it comes to analytics consultancy. We can arm your business with real-time information, actionable results based on current trends and KPI’s which really support your business’ objectives.

What we say...

At mediaworks, we feel it is important to ensure insightful decision making is common occurrence in your business and through our tailored analytics consultancy services we will help make sure your business make sense of the data you collect, including clear and concise reports, advice and recommendations based on business experience and industry insights.

If you wish to speak to us further about tailoring analytics consultancy specifically for your company please contact us today.

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