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SEO in 32 Countries

Global search main banner 550x300What is Global SEO?

Whether you operate in multiple countries or if you have aspirations to do so then global SEO can help you get a foothold in that region. At mediaworks we specialise in two areas of global SEO, multilingual SEO and International SEO, looking at developing client’s search engine marketing performance in the mother tongue on the most used search engines in those locations, from Baidu to Naver, our experience and reputation in successfully coordinating multilingual SEO campaigns precedes us.

Similarly, International SEO looks to continue standard SEO practices but within other non-domestic marketing in English, as it may be one the native or one of the more common languages used in that area allowing you to quickly and effectively expand out your customer base. We have a proven track record working in foreign markets; we can help your business succeed abroad.

A well-coordinated SEO strategy can benefit any multinational business. Our global SEO team consults with numerous multinational businesses on a daily basis ensuring that each country’s SEO strategy is working towards achieving the business’ local and global objectives. Our global SEO strategies work because we apply the same tried and tested techniques to each campaign, our techniques are time intensive but they work, time and time again.

Why do I need Global SEO?

Global explainer graphic 265x285The rapid, exponential growth of the online market place across the world, has bought the potential to sell globally, far closer to many more companies than ever possible before. By utilising Global SEO, we have the ability to either target very specific priority markets or indeed begin to dominate globally at a fraction of the cost previously needed.

Working across 32 countries, our global SEO services are already benefiting numerous multinational corporations helping them to succeed and expand market share abroad. By co-ordinating a global SEO campaign you can help build resource and can drive targeted international traffic.

Global SEO isn’t just for large multinationals either, if you ship to or service international destinations then it can work for you too. By helping you to gain traction in additional fields in areas are moving online at an ever increasing rate, Global SEO is a key to strengthening your long term online business and helping to deliver results at all stages.

Why Choose mediaworks?

Analysing the trends and competitor information of such a big customer base is difficult, time consuming and requires not only knowledge but the tools and infrastructure essential to a successful campaign. mediaworks has invested heavily to ensure that we have in place all of the elements required and manage many successful global campaigns for a large and growing number of clients operating worldwide including Regus, Viking Direct and Eversheds. By understanding if, why and how people search in each native country, we can tackle global SEO in the correct way to ensure you get the best possible return.

What we say...

At Mediaworks, we understand the opportunity of gaining increased exposure in international market places.

By investing heavily in the infrastructure needed to carry out international and multilingual link development and onsite work, has enabled us to work with our international clients in a truly holistic way and achieve incredible results. For more information on potential markets for your industry feel free to get in touch with our of our specialists today.

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