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PPC main banner 550x300What is PPC?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a performance based advertising model recognised as one of the quickest and most effective ways to drive business to your website in the short to mid-term. PPC enables your business to target potential customers with an unrivalled accuracy and effectiveness; it lets you choose who sees your brand, where they see it and when.

Why do I need PPC?

PPC advertising from Mediaworks

Pay Per Click marketing can be utilised by businesses of any size, in any sector, from local shops and sole traders to multi-national corporations to complement other forms of online marketing or to run independently on its own. The advent of mobile search and the proliferation of online uptake is making it increasingly important that your business employs PPC as part of its online marketing strategy.

Putting control in your hands, it enables you to target specific countries, cities and towns; it lets you determine who sees your ad, what price you pay and much more. Like other forms of online marketing, Pay Per Click is constantly evolving, to effectively manage a PPC campaign it’s important to keep abreast of these changes – that’s where our team of in-house PPC consultants can help. We appreciate the difficultly businesses face when managing their own PPC campaigns, we’re here to make PPC work for your business with a range of options including:

Location Based Targeting – PPC marketing lets you determine the reach of your online marketing activities, you can choose to target customers within a certain distance of your business or you can target particular countries and cities. The flexibility of PPC makes it an attractive proposition for businesses wishing to test new markets and for those who wish to concentrate on established markets.

Brand Exposure – PPC is a cost effective method of gaining brand exposure, it enables you to choose who sees your ad, where they see it and when. The nature of Pay Per Click marketing means that you only pay when a user clicks on your ad, there is no charge for each impression.

Lead Generation – PPC can be employed as an effective lead generation tool, the results are directly measurable and can be improved upon with on-going campaign testing. PPC is an attractive platform for businesses wishing to gain more enquiries, newsletter signups or for those wishing to gather other types of information from potential clients.

Market Testing – PPC yields instant results, running a Pay Per Click campaign can enable your business to test a product or service on a specific market at minimal cost. PPC is one of the most trusted and cost effective methods of gaining up-to-date market intelligence including potential long term run rates, prospective conversion rates and overall consumer demand.

Why Choose mediaworks?

PPC explainer graphic 2 265x285At mediaworks, our team of Google Adwords Certified PPC consultants will work with you to understand your business needs, your products or service and your unique selling points. By understanding your business in detail, we can begin to formulate a PPC campaign that will actually work. What are your key trading periods, your top selling products, which products you can replenish quickly, which products have the highest margins, who are your competitors and what are they doing?

Working together we can create an efficient PPC campaign, targeting the search terms that will drive traffic and more importantly revenue. As a performance based company we are entirely ROI driven and aim to deliver a high return on all PPC campaigns we undertake whether it is the streamlining of your existing campaigns or launch of a new targeted campaign.

What we say...

Utilising PPC is a great method for driving targeted traffic to your website. Allowing you to actively promote your goods or services at a vital time in the decision making process. But more importantly ensuring your management is as effective is vital.

At Mediaworks, we look to ensure your PPC campaigns are running effectively and delivering the highest possible return looking to ensure there is no budget wastage and reporting on how all aspects of the campaign is performing, relevant to all other channels. For more information contact one of our specialists today.

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