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Middlesbrough-based designer-fashion store Psyche approached Mediaworks for help making more of their brand online. As well as connecting the growing businesses with new audiences to increase sales, the team was charged with building brand awareness through search to further accelerate growth.


Content and the customer were placed at the core of an integrated strategy that not only looked at where Psyche’s ideal client base was on the net, but also highlighted the best times, places and ways to connect with them. Our in-house copywriters put a fashionable and SEO-friendly spin on Psyche’s onsite content, adding value to category pages and helping Psyche’s fantastic product selection to shine in search and with prospective purchasers.

We’ve used paid search to give top brands on the site a push, using a multi-faceted approach that incorporates paid ads on different platforms as well as other marketing and remarketing techniques.

Our link development strategy leveraged relationships with trendsetters online, from bloggers who were a natural fit for the brand to online fashion magazines with influence.  We raised brand awareness through product promotion using too-tempting to miss competitions to introduce potential customers to the brand. Also in the mix was creative content creation that caught the attention of big online publications like the Daily Telegraph.


As well as connecting Psyche with new customers and amplifying their brand message online, our bespoke search strategy had an impressive impact on visibility and sales, including:

  • 13.9 % growth of non-brand organic traffic.
  • 128% increase in non-brand revenue.
  • Average campaign keyword movement up 32.4 places.
  • Paid search results consistently exceeding monthly ROI target of 500%, by as much as +250%.


We've used our digital black book of contacts to get Psyche some exceptional online coverage, connecting them with amazing publications and bloggers alike using creative content and unique outreach ideas. They’ve been a pleasure to work with and we’re all excited about the next steps as the brand continues to flourish.

Craig Bradshaw

Head of Creative

  • Clever content curation

    Content has been at the core of the Psyche campaign from the very beginning. From growing the site and adding value with on-brand, trend-led SEO copy through to interacting with bloggers at events, fresh and interesting content that helps with rankings and brand awareness has been both the goal and the result.

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