As GlaxoSmithKline’s main sports nutrition brand, MaxiMuscle was relaunched as MaxiNutrition to retarget their existing range of sports-orientated products at a more general fitness audience. However, with a new website and new digital requirements in place, the brand needed a trusted digital partner to help them deliver results.

With short timescales in place, Mediaworks started by performing a full technical audit on its newly developed website. We provided recommendations and adjustments to help both users and search engines discover the new MaxiNutrition brand and associate it with MaxiMuscle.

Throughout our rigorous technical process, analytics and insights were delivered to the client to ensure search visibility would be maximised when the website was launched.  We ensured our client relationship managers were a constant point of contact for the company during such an important time in the growth of MaxiNutrtition.


As their digital partner, we provided MaxiNutrition with content recommendations for their website to maximise opportunities in line with their competitors. We developed a content strategy to help maximise the brands visability in search results for keywords in their industry and appeal to their new audience by offering guides and other useful articles.

To accompany the launch of the campaign, we launched a digital outreach campaign which saw the research and creation of content marketing pieces to promote MaxiNutrition’s brand and website. Coverage was placed on leading websites in the sporting niche, such as and Mens Health. We worked alongside fitness influencers to develop PR coverage through reviews of MaxiNutrition’s new range of products being launched in late 2016 additionally, we organised the creation of recipes by leading fitness bloggers for their website which were used to promote the MaxiNutrition brand through several marketing channels.


Overall, our work during the relaunch of MaxiNutrition resulted in a 152.56% rise in search visibility – more than doubling the domain’s visibility score.  Alongside this, our content strategies performed well socially, achieving over 10,000 social shares across the major social platforms which help to build authoritative links.

As MaxiNutrition has grown, the digital work performed by Mediaworks has led to us being named as one of GlaxoSmithKline’s digital partners across their portfolio.

We are now working with the company on multiple brands in their business, including Nicotinell and Corsodyl. Thanks to a strong technical foundation and a data-driven approach to building online relationships, Mediaworks are looking forward to helping GSK’s digital strategy continue to excel in 2017.

Our work has led to mediaworks assisting MaxiNutrition in business critical, data-driven projects such as assisting Maxi Nutrition with research around new product lines and launches, promtional events and brand awareness through an omnichannel approach to help improve their brand perception online.

Daniel Hoggan

Technical Director

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search visibility
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  • Maxi nutritian

    Maintaining a consistent increase in visibility throughout the campaign.

    GlaxoSmithKline, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical brands chose Mediaworks to assist the relaunch of their sports nutrition brand; MaxiNutrition. Our digital partnership has strengthened ever since with results that have taken their online visibility to another level.

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