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Our work with Freeze Pro Shop demonstrated just how impressive a paid search campaign can be. Our multi-target PPC strategy delivered exceptional ROI, increased website traffic and conversions, and most importantly – made an impact on revenue.

By taking the ski, snowboard and surf online retailer to a new global audience, we widened their reach. Our PPC experts worked to ensure Freeze Pro Shop’s bids found their target audience at the right time and delivered considerable revenue for their budget, whilst constantly analysing and tweaking the campaign to continually deliver on the client’s goals.


As a ski, snowboard and surf retailer, our PPC team quickly identified new audiences for Freeze Pro Shop’s products. Targeting an international audience helped widen the brand’s reach. We were also able to analyse peak seasonal demand and assign budget accordingly to provide maximum ROI.

Our bespoke marketing campaign included a display advertising campaign and a remarketing campaign, supported by tweaks such as call extensions and the exclusion of poorly converting search terms.

To maximise revenue, we created a ‘slow-movers’ line to help sell poorly performing stock. We also excluded previous keywords which were high cost but delivered low conversions. Our team was constantly analysing and amending the campaign to capitalise on opportunities.

Our keyword bids were adjusted to ensure products appeared on the first page of search results, ensuring interested buyers could find Freeze Pro’s ads. We also targeted mobile users more effectively to capture on-the-go buyers.



The campaign exceeded the client’s goals for increased traffic and revenue. Our peak season targeting resulted in a 57% increase in traffic, 74% increase in conversions and 80% increase in revenue compared to the same period the previous year. During one of these months, we delivered an increase in revenue which equated to an ROI of 1153%.

We’ve been working with Mediaworks for almost a year now and came to them with very high expectations. They have certainly delivered the results we hoped for. Their attention to detail is fantastic and their approach to building a strong commercial relationship with clear, concise and regular communication is exemplary.

Al Conroy

Managing Director, Freeze Pro Shop

Increase in traffic 57%
increase in conversions 74%
increase in revenue 80%
  • Freeze pro

    An effective, well-managed PPC campaign

    As part of the larger campaign for Freeze Pro Shop, we delivered an average ROI of 636%, proving just how effective a well-managed PPC campaign can be for a retailer. The addition of Analytics tracking during the campaign resulted in an ROI upsurge, with the first three months of 2016 delivering a fantastic 965%.

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