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The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have placed digital technology at the heart of global education sector for the first time. Where, when and how learning takes place has completely changed with investment in EdTech doubling to record numbers. The Education and Training sector has an opportunity to build back to a better future, placing digital technologies at the centre of teaching and learning.


number students forced to learn remotely in 2020


Global investment in edtech in 200.


increase in searches for remote learning in 2021


number students forced to learn remotely in 2020


Personalised Education

The dominance of new technology, accessibility to data, machine learning and the power of digital is transforming how educational institutions will engage with their students.


Enhanced Teaching

Technology applied correctly enhances traditional teaching, removing administrative burdens to free up the teacher’s time and address shortages and time pressures on workload.


On-Demand Learning

Overcoming inequalities in the learning outcomes across geography, gender, ethnicity and household income is key. A migration to remote learning has highlighted gaps in institutional resources and students’ socio-economic circumstances in addition to student data privacy concerns.

What is the Future of the Market

The pandemic has highlighted the need for a hybrid or blended education strategy, optimising multiple delivery modes and embrace creativity and innovation in teaching and digital learning. Digital Technology has been placed at the centre of teaching and learning. Now is the time for universities, colleges and training companies to re-imagine new teaching and learning possibilities.

Learners are living and growing up during an unprecedented digital revolution, where digital is their first port of call to answer independent learning queries, and where digital skills are essential for future job prospects. Being visible to your target learners digital platforms is key as more and more institutions move online. Maximising visibility across digital platforms, being present when prospective students and their influencers are gathering information and making enquiries is critical in appealing to the learners of tomorrow.

Designing and building a teaching experience of the future through visionary design and development of digital assets including websites, mobile applications and integrating learning platforms is also key. Greater use of technology has the potential to automate repetitive tasks, including data processing, assessment and AI supporting marking. The idea isn’t to pursue online education as an alternative to contact higher education. Nor is online education an antidote to the sector’s resource challenges. It’s to optimise multiple delivery modes and embrace creativity and innovation in teaching and learning.

We create and implement digital blueprints that will personalise teaching and overcome the practical constraints of an education system – in particular the number of students and teachers will allow educational institutions overcome capacity issues and expand their reach.

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