As the world of digital continues to grow, so do the threats posed to your business. There’s more to cybercrime than the strength of your password. You’ll need to stay smart if you are to avoid attacks and safeguard your business critical data — but how do you do it?

On Thursday 4th May 2017 between 8.45am and 11am, two of the North East’s premier companies will join forces at the Cyber Security: The Moving Target event at Close House. Covering crucial areas of potential business risk, key speakers will be discussing the hot topics around cybercrime, offering invaluable insight and advice.

The internet never forgets

Scandalous videos, bad reviews, negative comments — are any currently damaging your brand’s image?

If a potential customer searches for your business online and stumbles across unfavourable content, what will you do about it? Many people believe there isn’t a solution to this 21st–century problem. Luckily, there is: online reputation management (ORM). We’ll show you how to protect and improve your digital image.

Combatting ransomware

Ransomware has become one of the most widespread and damaging threats internet users face today. The attack encrypts files and holds them hostage until the ransom is paid, causing massive disruption to business productivity. How do you defend against one of the biggest IT security threats of our time?

With an experienced line up, this event is not to be missed. Make sure you’re doing everything to protect your business in 2017.

Register your place today or contact Jayne Parsley Walsh on 01914040100 or email


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