Construction, Housing and Engineering

Construction, housing and engineering enterprises have yet to fully capitalise on the full benefit of digital. Those forward-thinking leaders who are turning their attention from internal systems to the outside world, investing their digital spend on commercial initiatives will move beyond their competition in the marketplace by unlocking digital’s value across their marketplace.



of B2B decision makers of all data captured in construction and engineering industry goes unused


8 Years

acceleration in digital adoption within Construction, Housing and Energy sector in last 12 months



of construction firms cite lack of staff expertise as the primary limiting factor to adopting new technology



of B2B businesses are looking to implement digital self-service sales models in 2021 and beyond



of B2B decision makers of all data captured in construction and engineering industry goes unused


Design and build a better future.

From websites to tenant portals and intranets, your brand vision and audience needs should be blended together to drive commercial or community success. Create frictionless experiences that benefit your target audience, from improving accessibility and driving self-serve methods to engaging prospective clients at every stage of the journey with multiple digital touchpoints. A website and digital channels are the most crucial touchpoint of any new tenant, prospective client, or wider stakeholders, where first impressions count. Create experiences that place your target audience at the forefront of your digital strategy.



Create your future legacy.

Your brand should supercharge associations of trust, quality and safety that drives interaction and engagement across your target audiences. A strong brand will articulate a clear purpose in your industry and build trust and confidence across your stakeholders, local community, and wider society. Through targeted CSR communications and business delivery projects aligned to your rights and values, you can build a long-term positive brand reputation.



Inform and shape your future success.

Organisations that embrace digital transformation gain powerful insights to help make smarter strategic decisions, prioritise business resource and deliver a digital-first class-leading customer or tenant experience that will strike competitive and industry advantage. Your customers and tenants increasingly expect to use digital methods to manage their interactions with brands on a day-to-day basis, and have come to expect the level of personalisation, efficiency and control that can only be achieved with end-to-end digital transformation.



Attract and convert to fuel future growth.

Organisations that prioritise a digital-first strategy and build their brand through targeted campaigns and digital PR will maximise visibility, increase trust and deliver a positive reputation across new and existing tenants and clients. Embrace digital channels to capture demand and target your messaging with precision to the communities and audience that matter most.



Housing Associations

Mediaworks places your Tenants as the focal point of your Housing Association’s digital transformation strategy. We map stakeholder personas, experiences, needs and wants and match these to an intuitive experience that offers accessible information at each tenants’ fingertips, we are able to support our clients in delivering outstanding customer experience.

Mediaworks’ data-driven insight and ability to enable improved tenant experiences has supported the UK’s largest Housing Associations lead a new era in the social housing digital landscape. By turning data into insight we can create data-driven web experiences and communications plans to exceed tenant expectations and redefine their customer and stakeholder experience.


The engineering industry is on the wave of a digital revolution. Mediaworks work with forward thinking engineering business to develop a digital-first strategy that drives efficient operations, positive brand recognition and a can deliver a distinct competitive advantage.

We have successfully navigated projects across the engineering sector, delivering digital re-brands and executing new client acquisition strategies. We have the ability to transform your digital marketing programmes, integrate them with your operational processes to drive business efficiencies and capture increased market share through hyper-targeted campaigns.


The Industrial sector is set to embrace accelerating digital channels to meet changing customer expectations and respond to competitive threats. Businesses who develop a digital-first strategy that drives efficient operations, and a positive brand recognition will create a distinctive competitive advantage to fuel future growth.

Mediaworks work with market-leading industrial and manufacturing business to build leading industry reputations, execute hyper-targeted lead generation campaigns and deliver audience informed, customer-centric websites.



There is an opportunity for construction companies to unlock the full value of digital to drive competitive advantage.  Mediaworks can build positive brand recognition in your market and region for quality and trusted service through digital PR and ensure you are the first-to-mind across your target market through search to influence your decision-makers.

Mediaworks have partnered with businesses across the construction industry from civil engineering to builders’ merchants to transform workflow, marketing, and operational processes by reimagining customer experiences, driving business efficiencies, and capturing market share through hyper-targeted campaigns.



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"Mediaworks is a fantastic partner to consult with. Their breadth of expertise and design with data approach allowed us to better guide our customers towards self-serve methods. “This was a strategically-significant investment for Home Group. The project set out to relaunch our online experience to encourage our stakeholders to adopt our digital channels and prioritise high-volume enquiries so they could easily be found through online search and answered through an intuitive experience".

Jo Hamilton, Home Group Head of Digital

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