Energy, Resources & Industrials

Digital is transforming how Energy, Resources & Industrial businesses engage with their audiences. Building a digital presence that stands out from the crowd is essential to gain market share and deliver sustainable growth. Customers have moved to online resources first and expect to seamlessly find, compare and switch services online. The suppliers who own the digital marketplace and embrace new innovations in digital services will build the brands that dominate on the markets future.



spent by households and businesses on energy each year



energy supply switches in 2020



of a utility company's bill paying customers have grown up during the age of digital or become 'digital converts'


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spent by households and businesses on energy each year


Design and build a better future.

In a highly competitive market businesses must reimagine their customer experiences and how they communicate with them. Customer retention, conversion and loyalty through intelligent, data-driven strategies is the key to capturing market share. From social media management to live chats and self-service, energy companies must be seen as the leader in efficiency, convenience, and choice to keep customer satisfaction and user-experience high.


Create your future legacy.

The Big 6 have established brand with trust and high levels of customer services, which is now much more online-based than ever before. To transcend price comparisons, establishing an online presence to cater to customers expectations is crucial with competition rising and choice surging, you can’t afford to leave your online performance to chance. The whole business model is built around your customer to optimise trust. The key is to drive performance, develop digital strategies and reveal new opportunities to respond to market challenges.


Inform and shape your future success.

Adopt new digital ways of working and reinvent your business to build improved interactions with customers, create new business models and efficiencies. Gone are the days of customers calling up to report a problem; customers need a choice of channels to communicate with their supplier in order to fit the need around their busy lives. Beyond simply smart meters, customers are expecting to see a digital shift in the energy market. It’s all part in parcel of a more efficient, streamlined service, and failure to keep up could be catastrophic for businesses left muddling through traditional methods.


Attract and convert to fuel future growth.

Stand out from your competitors by utilising the right advertising space and channel approach for your services. Suppliers need to do more than just focussing on search engine marketing to try and compete against the emerging price comparison sites, instead using data-driven marketing techniques to excel market share. From online services to operational costs, a digital evolution is logical for the energy sector. Put your consumers first by bridging information gaps, deliver accessible value-add services and emerge in the digital era.


Domestic Distribution

Mergers and acquisitions have changed the playing field both in the market and in terms of digital presence in the last few years. Industry transformation in an increasingly digital world is vital to create your future legacy. Develop and implement cutting-edge digital and analytics tools to transform consumer and supplier journey across the sector.

Mediaworks have successfully navigated campaigns across the sector improving businesses digital footprint, increasing customer acquisition and loyalty. Consumer habits are changing and they are making the switch across both gas and electricity to small and medium suppliers. Transform your marketing and capture market share with our data focussed, hyper-targeted campaigns to be leading the decision process of your audience.



Commercial Distribution

Commercial energy suppliers are growing in market share and your organisation must learn to compete in a competitive digital space. The commercial energy market has a much higher rate of entry and exit of energy suppliers. Businesses need to push boundaries and strategically invest in solutions to grow.

As the market isn’t dominated by the Big Six, other commercial energy suppliers have been able to grow their market share. Mediaworks can help your business compete online to make your brand visible and capture value through digital transformations with our intelligent data-led strategies so consumers make the switch to you.

Green Energy Distribution

Energy is transitioning and renewable is at the centre. Customers are more environmentally-savvy than ever and there’s a rising market for green energy distribution. Accelerating this transition requires re-thinking of the market, ensuring high standards of efficiency, reliability and environmental stewardship.

Mediaworks have the ability to create a bold digital presence in order for your business to stand alongside the traditional energy suppliers. Implementing a successful digital strategy can help grow your presence and enable your business to have a competitive edge. Being green is no longer a unique selling point in this market; it’s an exception.

LPG Distribution

The UK’s grid reaches 84% of households, the remaining 16% rely on LPG in order to access gas powered equipment. It is cost-effective, low-carbon, and also a highly competitive market.

Embrace new technologies in the LPG market with Mediaworks to manage energy transition, transform and amplify the use of technology, as we provide results-driven and high-quality solutions to fuel growth and shape your future.

Water Distribution

Competition in the market has been increasing since new legislation opened up the water business market in 2017. Customers are now actively moving online for support, it’s essential for organisations to be visible in an increasingly digital world.

The customer experience is at the heart of digitalisation and water suppliers need to tailor their services to suit them. Mediaworks use advanced analytics to predict your user journey and buying patterns to create successful solutions for your consumers and keeping your business ahead of the market in personal customer service, extension, engagement and conversions.

Energy Brokers

Power of digital has transformed how companies must engage with their audiences; a digital profile is as important for energy brokers as the suppliers they represent. Energy brokers have created a huge market of their own in terms of collating and presenting the best rates for their clients. Over 35% of UK businesses use energy brokers as a way of choosing their energy tariff.

Mediaworks’ proven approach overcomes obstacles to deliver commercial success. We increase conversions, boosting new customer acquisition with our data-driven approach to put your business in the spotlight.

Energy Comparison

With more options and tariffs available to customers, energy comparison companies have a thriving market to establish themselves in. Maximising your visibility to drive performance is crucial for success with 22% of customers looking to switch their energy supplier use an energy comparison website as part of their search.

A concise digital campaign could be the difference to retaining or claiming the sector’s lead. Mediaworks ability to use targeted outreach to gain coverage from authoritative websites and execute strong strategies will fuel growth for your business.

Distribution Network Operators

Customer service is vital for DNOs, the expectations to deliver improved customer service will only increase. A strong digital presence is mandatory for delivering a seamless customer experience. Digital transformations play a huge part in reimagining customer experience and capture market share.

Mediaworks can help you flourish in the digital sphere by delivering standout moments of customer service, to secure that all-important customer loyalty and adapting to the digital evolution demanded by your customers. Customers not only need to land on your website – they need to be able to find everything they need with ease, our data-driven approach will reveal all the answers to boost your business to new heights.



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