Consumer goods and the retail sector are constantly evolving in response to changing customer behaviours, and a dramatic acceleration in digital competition. Brands who react first to rapid increases in online demand, position themselves as first in mind for their sector. Brands must invest in technologies that deliver outstanding customer experiences – and will be best placed to capitalise on capturing future market share.



online shoppers world wide



of consumers conduct online search research before making a purchase online



of online shoppers conduct purchases via there smartphones



of product searches start on Google



online shoppers world wide


Design and build a better future.

Outstanding customer experiences are crucial to the success of your business, increasing customer loyalty and lifetime value. Businesses who offer positive customer experiences create repeat, long-term and loyal custom. Successful customer experiences increase revenue and profit, along with new customer acquisition, fuelling future growth and driving performance.


Create your future legacy.

The power of digital has transformed how brands engage with their audiences. Your brand and its reputation are the most important factors in your customer’s purchase decisions. Distinguish yourself from competitors in an increasingly noisy marketplace with a recognisable brand and show customers what to expect from you as a retailer. If your brand stands out in a highly competitive market, customer acquisition and revenue will increase. The market and products are always changing, stay at the forefront of your customer’s minds with a strong brand.


Inform and shape your future success.

Retailers are embracing digital changes and increased competition is forcing retails to quickly change to digital technologies. E-commerce is now a necessity to success and digital innovation is the differentiator. The online and offline worlds are changing as consumer expectations change to integrated, seamless, and intuitive experiences. Those forward-thinking leaders who innovate through rethinking touchpoints and embrace responsive digital journeys will build a loyal customer base, increasing the lifetime value of each customer and forming a platform for brand trust and loyalty, boosting profits and customer satisfaction in the long term.



Attract and convert to fuel future growth.

Performance marketing is key to attracting and converting sustainable growth. Targeting the right customers at every stage of their journey on the channels appropriate to your target audience is crucial for maximising your conversions. Create trackable and measurable campaigns, extending your advertising reach and add both innovation and creativity to your marketing. Advertise to target audiences, increase conversion, and create strategic, high return on investment campaigns with performance marketing.



In an increasingly competitive fashion market, it’s crucial that brands constantly adapt to changing consumer trends to attract new customers, grow their market share, and become market leaders. From category rankings to innovating and testing new creative, retailers must be visible at every point in a customer’s journey.

Mediaworks have delivered multiple campaigns for businesses in the fashion sector from SEO to brand strategy. We use research, paid strategies, and insight to drive revenue and maximise brand. We keep businesses ahead in an evolving market, creating visibility on new and current platforms and keep businesses up to date with industry trends and seasons.

Homes and Garden

The Home and Garden industry has surged since 2020 and the sector is seeing unprecedented product demand from customers.  With no signs of demand slowing down, home and garden companies must be visible at every stage of the customer’s search journey.  To succeed as a retailer in this demanding, rapidly changing market, you must keep up to date with shopping feeds and capitalise on seasonality.

After successfully working with many partners in the Home and Garden sector, Mediaworks’ ability to improve business’s digital platforms is euphoric. We prioritise customer experience and provide customers with an easy and efficient shopping experience.

Health and Beauty

The Health & Beauty industry has proved to be leading innovation within the retail sector and are shifting heavily into the digital world. 4.6 million beauty videos are viewed every month on YouTube, illustrating industry demand. Retailers are changing the way their products are marketed and sold,  shifting their behaviours towards digital. Brands that resist eCommerce will see their market share shrink.

Mediaworks has worked with multiple health and beauty brands to deliver innovative campaigns, driving exceptional results. We use new technologies to create customer-centric ways to shop, from virtually trying products, personal shopping experiences, and hassle-free purchase options, bringing ease and convenience to buying experiences.

Food & Beverages

Digital transformation is creating real value for food and beverage businesses within a dynamic and developing industry. Suppliers are focussing on optimising processes for maximum efficiency and building resiliency into their supply chains. Digitalisation allows retailers to digitalise sales, increase sustainability, decrease waste, and provide customers with an omnichannel experience.

Mediaworks’ data-driven insight and expertise in the food and beverage sector has supported some of the UK’s biggest high street brands in the industry. We use competitor research to improve brand’s online experiences and expand eCommerce platforms, keeping you at the front in a challenging, competitive market.


The entertainment industry must adapt to digital technologies to keep up with subscription-based streaming services and the need for maximum consumer efficiency, both of which continue to rise. From personalised on-demand content to the creation of digital technologies, the industry is showing steady signs of transformation. Consumer expectations are changing, customers are now expecting instant access to content from their smartphones and tablets, anywhere, anytime.

Mediaworks has successfully completed missions for brands in the entertainment sector through exploring suitable digital technologies. We use data-driven strategies to deliver the right content, to the right customers, on the right channels, at the right time.

Sports and Leisure

Digital transformation is unlocking unprecedented growth opportunities in the sporting industry, offering the potential to draw fans closer through customised and innovative experiences. Fans connect with their favourite teams over social media, meaning brands must keep up to date on their channels. The video assistant referee is just one example of digital technologies been used in the industry and there are many more to come.

The teams at Mediaworks can drive performance and increase business revenue, creating future-proof campaigns for businesses. We use digital technologies to give customers the reins that will help drive long-term loyalty and awareness. At Mediaworks data is used as insight to create the ultimate customer experience and fuel growth.

Gambling and Gaming

Players are becoming increasingly tech-focussed and demanding, putting pressure on the industry to keep up to date with trends and technologies. With mobile being the fastest-growing channel, all gambling and gaming providers must prioritise mobile as more and more consumers are turning to it for their gaming and betting.

Mediaworks have successfully completed projects for many businesses in the gambling and gaming sector, fuelling growth and driving performance. We use the right blend of research, data, and strategy to improve business models to keep up to date with customer and industry demand to deliver commercial success.



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