10 Sexiest Men in the SEO World

Whilst browsing through lists of ‘Top 20 SEOs in the World’ and ‘Top Ten SEO Leaders’, it becomes apparent that there is something distinctly lacking here: who exactly are the sexiest people in SEO? All that seems to have been written on this vital topic are a few joke competition articles and a blog that depicted the sexy SEO man of the month- but gave up in October 2006. So, thanks to the most reliable data from LinkedIn and Twitter, here is a definitive guide to the hottest SEO men from around the world.

10: Stephan Spencer


Stephan founded NetConcepts in the 1990s, invented SEO technology GravityStream and recently published his second book, Google Power Search. If that doesn’t get your SEO motor running, he also contributes to The Huffington Post and Searchlight, as well as his own very extensive and enthusiastic blog. He speaks French, plays racquetball and enjoys stargazing at his home in Madison, Wisconsin.

SEO Rating: 7/10
Sexy Rating: 5/10
Quote: “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion – the Dalai Lama.”

9: Brett Tabke


As a rather charismatic Texan, Brett hosts professional search engine promotion discussions through his companies Pubcon and Webmaster World. Whilst smiling isn’t his strong point and he spends most of his time being very serious about web marketing, he has raised thousands of dollars for various charities in the past few years. And everyone loves a strong, silent type.

SEO Rating: 7/10
Sexy Rating: 6/10
Quote: “Justin Bieber looks alot like he just stepped off the set of “Ice Ice Baby”.”

8: Lee Odden


Lee is the CEO of TopRank Online Marketing and a sought after digital marketing industry speaker. He has presented keynote speeches for pretty much every conference going and frequently travels to New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong and London. He has already been ranked in the Top 15 Social Media thought leaders, Top 10 SEO Bloggers and Top Ten Twitter Power list, so his appearance on this list should be a nice addition to his digital trophy cabinet. And look at that beard.

SEO Rating: 8/10
Sexy Rating: 7/10
Quote: “My fave desert: Creme Brûlée & Cappuccino.”

7: John Battelle


John launched Wired in the 1990s and more recently founded Federated Media Publishing. At 47, he is aging spectacularly and his 225,000 Twitter followers attest to his continuing popularity. His second book is scheduled for publication this year, after The Search became an international bestseller in 2005. He was born and still lives in California, plays the drums and enjoys mountain biking and yoga. What a combination.

SEO Rating: 9/10
Sexy Rating: 7/10
Quote: “When in doubt, get a shoe shine.”

6: Matteo Monari


Matteo is Italian, he lives in Rome and is the co-founder of BizUp internet marketing. If that isn’t enough reason for him to feature on this list, just look at that smile. He also speaks French and English, is a research student at KTH Institute of Technology and has co-authored several papers on web-based learning. And he loves Star Wars. But really it’s all about the smile.

SEO Rating: 7/10
Sexy Rating: 8/10
Quote: “You can finally buy a REAL second hand Star Destroyer.” [Tweeted 8 times.]

5: Clemént Jerusalmy


Clemént is a Senior SEO Manager at Betsson AB, Sweden, with a keen interest in snowboarding, football and competitive golf. Originally from France, he has worked on several gambling sites and is apparently a pleasure to work with. And he looks extremely good in sunglasses. Needless to say, his French heritage bumps him up to an impressive place in this line up.

SEO Rating: 7/10
Sexy Rating: 8/10
Quote: “A small detail??? baguette ain´t a small detail.”

4: Rand Fishkin


A University dropout who loves yellow shoes and wanted to be a dog when he was a child, Rand isn’t exactly the conventional heartthrob. He is the CEO of SEOmoz, currently lives in Seattle and was named on PSBJ’s 40 Under 40 list. The combination of expertly sculpted beard and effortless chic suits makes him a no brainer for our sexy SEO countdown.

SEO Rating: 9/10
Sexy Rating: 8/10
Quote: “Sometimes you just gotta play toy guitar with shoeless buskers on Portobello Road.”

3: Richard Rosenblatt


Best known as the chairman of Myspace.com, which he sold for $580 million, Richard was named as runner up to Steve Jobs in Fortune Magazine’s “50 Smartest People in Tech”. In 2006 he founded Demand Media, which runs eHow, LIVESTRONG and Cracked.com, and claims to spend 18-20 hours each day working. A 40-year-old with the hair of a 20-year-old, he lives in Pacific Palisades, California and likes to eat out at local restaurant Sugarfish. We know where our next holiday destination will be then…

SEO Rating: 9/10
Sexy Rating: 8/10
Quote: “sunday night…earnings and chardonnay? Mixing it up…with a white wine!”

2: Frederic Chanut


Frederic, a Frenchman who loves wine and the sea (swoon), is the managing director of Sydney-based firm In Marketing We Trust. He also speaks English, German and Russian, and claims to be addicted to coffee. That’s fine though. Did we mention that he’s French?

SEO Rating: 8/10
Sexy Rating: 9/10
Quote: “Fear is not to be mocked but mistaken for a floating stuffed Xmas turkey. Fear > Food Coma.”

1: Cansin Mert

Source: Cansin Mert

Cansin is head of Social Media and Digital Operations at Pure New Media and lives with his wife in Istanbul, Turkey. He focuses on building businesses from start-up and has published several articles on online marketing. And if he hasn’t been inundated with offers of modelling contracts somewhere down the line it would be completely and unimaginably shocking. With a bone structure like that, how could he not be the sexiest man in SEO?

SEO Rating: 9/10
Sexy Rating: 10/10
Quote: “The most important thing in life is not to get what you want.”



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