International Women’s Day 2017

Happy International Women’s Day from everyone here at Mediaworks HQ!

The 8th of March allows us to commemorate the struggle for women’s rights for over 100 years. Of the countless women who have contributed to creating a more gender-equal world, we’ve got a special place in our heart for Ada Lovelace, regarded as the first person to recognise the potential of the “computing machine” (early computers) – and the first computer programmer – back in the 1800s.

At Mediaworks, we believe in equal opportunities, and want everyone to progress in their careers regardless of their gender.

We aim for a 50-50 gender split across the workplace. We now have three women directors; Communications Director Jayne Parsley-Walsh, Client Services Director Katherine Shand and Organic Search Director Nicki Pow. We also have two female Heads of Departments, Digital Marketing Manager Bethanie Dennis and Head of Insights Henrietta Foy.

As always, we’d like to give a big shout out to each and every member of the Mediaworks team. Everyone makes a big contribution to the company’s success, through their hard work and dedication.

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