Writing Off-Site Content Effectively

Your SEO strategy should always be based on the rule of the search engine. Learning how to create strong backlinks through a great outreach approach is the foundation for building your offsite content.

What’s different to onsite content is that your content must be positioned with different goals in mind. While your onsite content must please your brand image, your offsite content must be valuable to relevant publications or websites as well as providing accurate topics and relevant keywords.

Join our content expert, Jamie Roberts, who will guide you through the best practices for producing thought-provoking off-site content.

The Masterclass will cover:

  • How to come up with content ideas
  • How to tailor content to specific sites
  • The key types of content you should be producing
  • How to formulate an effective press release

Who should attend?

This event is essential for anyone who is currently managing website content, from website owners to digital marketers and communication teams.

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