How do you fare in Mediaworks’ 2019 North East Top 200 Digital League Table?

Reach PLC and PwC’s annual North East Top 200 league table identifies the largest companies in the North East of England throughout the year celebrating firms with the highest turnover across the region.

With digital transformation truly at the centre of successful businesses and digital becoming increasingly important part of a company’s strategy, online performance can’t be ignored.

Here at Mediaworks we have taken those Top 200 companies and produced a Digital Edition of the league table which uses a range of industry benchmarking tools and stats that measure digital success.

As the largest North East digital agency, we wanted to explore the regional digital landscape, to understand whether online investment was matching their offline success.

The league table combines data from PwC’s Top 200 with key digital marketing metrics including website visibility, Number of Backlinks, Domain Authority and Page Authority.

Analyse the full results for yourself by viewing Mediaworks’s entire North East Top 200 Digital Edition league table now at

Worryingly, some of the largest North East businesses fare worse online than they do offline. Is your company future proofed for the digital era? Contact us and speak to one of our consultants today.

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