Mediaworks Webinar: Measurement, Analytics & Essential Insights

Understanding how your digital marketing campaign is performing is crucial. If you don’t know where the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns are, you leave yourself vulnerable. Not only could you be assigning budgets incorrectly, gaps in your digital strategy mean you could potentially be handing over a lucrative online share to your competitors.

Regular measurement and analysis of your digital campaigns can provide essential insights into not just the performance of your campaigns now, but opportunities for improvements in the future.

On Wednesday 28th February at 1pm, our Head of Insights Henrietta Foy will be explaining this in more detail during our Measurement, Analytics and Essential Insights webinar. Our free-to-view webinar will explain how to get the greatest benefit from Google Analytics, as well as the tactics that will drive better measurement of your campaigns.



Q: Will the session be recorded?

A: Yes! We record all of our webinars, and we’ll send out a link to the recording the following week.

Q: What if I register but cannot make it?

A: That’s not a problem. We’ll send a follow-up email with key takeaways and a link to the recording.

Q: Can I ask questions?

A: Absolutely! This session is for you. Bring your questions and participate during the Q&A.


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