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This year, we placed huge focus on sharing our digital marketing insight with the world. As well as beefing up our blog, we expanded our events offering and introduced our webinar series.

Hosted by Mediaworks experts, our webinars are designed to equip you with actionable advice and update you on best practice in ever-evolving online disciplines.

If you missed any of our webinars, or would like to refresh the knowledge you gleaned from an event, you can view them online at any time. Simply follow the relevant link, enter your registered email address or register for free, and click play!

Mediaworks webinar

The Power of PPC – click here to view

In just 30 minutes, you’ll learn the fundamentals of pay-per-click advertising and how it can benefit your business. Discover everything you need to know about setting up and managing successful Google AdWords campaigns that drive conversions.

Game-Changing Content Marketing – click here to view

Head of Creative Craig Bradshaw discusses the content marketing tactics that generate valuable links, boost your brand image and give you a competitive edge. In less than an hour, you’ll know how to unlock your brand’s potential and build relationships with the right audiences.

Converting Browsers to Buyers with CRO – click here to view

Hosted by our Technical Director, Dan Hoggan, this webinar introduces you to the world of conversion rate optimisation. Find out how small website tweaks can significantly increase the number of visitors who make a purchase, submit an enquiry or perform any other desired action.


Don’t forget: our webinar series continues with Cut Down On Missed Sales For 2015, which takes place on Tuesday January 20th from 1pm. Tune in live for your opportunity to ask questions — sign up now and jot the details in your calendar!

For future updates about our webinars and other events, keep an eye on our blog and follow us @MediaworksUK.

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