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The UK’s clothing, footwear and accessories market is estimated at £50 billion. Online is a significant revenue channel — by 2020, estimates predict that online sales will make up 28.8% of the UK’s total fashion spend. Clearly, online offers huge potential for fashion e-commerce retailers — but claiming your stake can be tough in such a competitive domain.

Staying ahead of your competition involves adapting to the latest digital movements within the industry. We’ve underlined the key digital developments every fashion retailer needs to be aware of over the coming months, including:

  • Ranking with RankBrain
  • Mastering mobile
  • Minimising basket abandonment
  • Selling socially
  • Google Shopping

Our white paper outlines each of these opportunities and how fashion retailers can harness them to improve their digital performance. Offering actionable advice and invaluable industry insights, it’s essential reading for digital marketing managers and personnel.

Create forward-thinking digital strategies and download our digital forecast whitepaper today.

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