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If you operate a business in the mother, baby or parenting sector, our Digital Insights white paper is a must-read. Understanding your customer base and knowing how they interact online is key to creating digital experiences that attract new customers, drive sales and ultimately help you meet your business objectives. However, finding out this information can be tough — that’s where Mediaworks comes in.

74% of mother and baby websites are not mobile-friendly…

We’ve created our Mother & Baby Digital Insights white paper to highlight key findings from your industry, which can be used to inform your digital strategies. The white paper covers the most important areas for digital success in your industry, including:

  • Parents’ digital attitudes: where is your target demographic online?
  • Parents & search: what are parents looking for and how do they search for it?
  • Parents & social media: how important is it to your business?
Discover more about your industry and drive business success through improved digital strategies and download our digital insights white paper today.

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