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Science doesn’t stand still — and neither does digital. The way consumers interact with pharmaceuticals has changed significantly in recent years. Moving from exclusively offline activity, our digital dependence sees us taking to search engines to find out more about an ailment, medication and scientific developments.

In fact, 61% of Brits have used technology to access healthcare services, illustrating just how far digital has grown within the sector. So, how do pharmaceutical companies capitalise on this interest and engage with their core audience across digital platforms?

Whether you’re branching into digital or strengthening your existing profile, you need to download the latest in our series of Mediaworks white papers, Pharmaceuticals: The Digital Forecast. We’ve highlighted the key digital trends set to impact the industry over the next six months, including:

  • Delivering digital experiences
  • Focusing on knowledge-sharing
  • Managing online reputations
  • Connecting via an app
Clearly outlining each of the above areas, we provide actionable advice and valuable insights to help you bolster your digital presence. Essential reading for digital marketing managers and personnel, download the white paper today.

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