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With fierce competition and an ever-changing sector to contend with, utilities companies need to do all they can to set themselves apart and drive forward digital success. Digital has grown substantially within the utilities industry in recent years and now, customers have come to expect a superior online experience as standard. Whether you’re creating content to answer common queries or improving customer interaction, essentially, becoming a market leader depends on knowing your industry’s digital footprint inside out.

95% of utilities customers will be digitally savvy by 2020…

To give your business a competitive edge, we’ve created our Utilities Industry Update Whitepaper to highlight the points of interest that are crucial to driving digital success in the utilities industry. The whitepaper includes:

  • Digital trends: how social media and a desire for less jargon are changing the industry
  • Mobile vs apps: what are customers using and why?
  • The digital league table: which brands are dominating the digital domain?
  • Influential voices: who to work with to maximise your digital presence
Discover more about your industry and drive business success through improved digital strategies and download our digital insights whitepaper today.

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