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As consumers, we’re constantly looking for ways to harness digital to streamline our daily lives. As we move away from offline activity, utility and energy companies have become reactive to this shift, with 77% currently implementing digital transformation projects.

With a large proportion of customers actively using digital, it’s clear to see why many have made this decision. However, with competition already high within the sector, it’s important to have a well- informed, forward-thinking digital strategy in place in order to successfully claim your market share.

Our Utilities & Power Industry Digital Forecast white paper, part of our on-going white paper series, takes a look at the key digital trends set to impact the sector within the coming months. We cover five key areas, including:

  • Managing your online reputation
  • Ranking with RankBrain
  • Creating content for customers
  • Engaging with community content
  • Personalising your service
Our white paper is essential reading for all digital marketing managers and personnel. For help navigating the threats and recognising the opportunities, download our white paper today.

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