Known for their quality and excellence, department store House of Fraser has been a firm favourite since 1849. Tasked with launching a driving their organic search campaign, Mediaworks drew on all of our areas of expertise to deliver exceptional results.


As a leading department store, House of Fraser operates in an incredibly competitive sphere. To support their digital performance, Mediaworks was tasked with growing website visibility across all of their product categories: menswear, womenswear, fashion accessories, beauty and homeware. We aimed to improve relevant traffic to the site, increase rankings around key search terms and ultimately increase revenue.

To meet these aims, Mediaworks created a campaign centred around three key areas: search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing and digital business insight.

By assessing House of Fraser’s current digital platform, we were able to provide an in-depth assessment of the site’s current performance and devised a strategy that would strengthen the overall authority, improve rankings and ultimately drive revenue.

Mediaworks devised an SEO strategy that included the development and syndication of flat and interactive content to drive traffic back to the site through targeted keyword research.

For each department on the HoF website, Mediaworks created quarterly sub-focuses on trending items within a product or category page; this was seasonally devised and target areas were established in order to gain exposure for the associated target URLs on the website.


Over the course of the campaign, we gained coverage and links for House of Fraser from over 1,250 websites, including The Independent (DA: 98), AskMen (DA: 98) and The Huffington Post (DA: 87). House of Fraser ranked on page one for a total of 9,665 keywords, with 41.2 million searches per month. Of this over 1,000 keywords were ranked at position 1, with over 2.2 million searches per month. Overall, revenue increased by 79% from year 1 to year 3, following a increase in qualified traffic by nearly 50%.


Increase in website traffic


Revenue increase from year 1 to year 3


searches per month for page 1 rankings


Keywords ranked on page one

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