Yorkshire Water: Service Design & Delivery

Yorkshire Water partnered with Mediaworks to help re-shape their digital infrastructure. This included a full review of the current web platform, assessing performance and customer sentiment. To prioritise which content to migrate, we gathered information around the highest number of customer contacts, through call centres and online traffic, to understand customers’ expectations regarding digital channels and their goals.

44,762 Call-back requests

Exceeding expectation through three pillars of website design and development.


The client’s existing site used several page templates. We chose to approach the project by designing and building a system using components that could be utilised on as few flexi templates as possible.


We developed a roadmap that delivered transformational change to our customers in two-week sprints. Each sprint included design and development tasks with the aim to deploy onto the site in the third week.


Initially, we owned the development process, implementing front-end components into the Umbraco CMS. We then handed the CMS to the internal BAU team, which maintains the platform.



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