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Mediaworks founder and Managing Director Brett is still the heart of the business. Brett’s role sees him work from the sidelines to help build and develop a winning team. He heads up the Mediaworks family, taking an executive lead on new opportunities, business direction and unearthing talent.

My role at Mediaworks

“Since starting Mediaworks, not one day has passed without me witnessing us innovating as a business. The thirst for progress and knowledge that exists within every member of staff, from our front-of-house client teams and technical experts to our creative and outreach specialists, as well as their enthusiasm for our clients’ success, is what drives me to get out of bed in the morning. It’s a unique feeling and something I will strive my hardest to ensure we retain as we continue to grow as an agency.

“We’ve never been an organisation that stands still. By the very nature of the industry, we have to keep moving and refining to ensure we stay on the cutting edge of our market. The best ideas have always come from those who are on the ground and delivering the work, and Mediaworks’ culture has been built to harness this potential. I continue to be impressed every day by the abilities and talents of the team we’ve built, and how they exceed clients’ expectations to help them develop their businesses.”

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