Our senses take in 11 million pieces of information every second, but we are only consciously aware of 40 of those bits.

This enormous capacity for people to absorb information subconsciously means that all the signals we send out through our brand experience is hugely persuasive in our marketing activities.

Brand Experience harnesses data-driven insights around your audience, brand perceptions, creative impact, and total customer experience (CX, UX) to drive action that will impact your business performance through increased brand favourability, message association, and purchase behaviour.

Our Approach

We explore your brand from three different points of view — Functional, Emotional, and Experiential. This allows us to start to go beyond old-fashioned brand models into the way people really engage with your brand. We start by understanding your audience’s attitudes and behaviours, then create a proposition to capture why your brand exists and how that should make people feel. We build this out into experience models, through customer journeys, creative foundations, and tangible outcomes across content, UX, creative campaigns and bespoke work to match the requirement for your brand.

We can work with you as consultants to devise a new brand from scratch and take that into a blueprint for your organisation. Or we can work all the way through to delivery across Web, App, Search and Social, through to TV, VOD, and even print.

What Are The Benefits?

Our tried and tested approach, that’s scalable for big organisations through to challenger brands, building growth in competitive markets through acquiring new customers or reconfiguring your experience to reflect the modern world. Our track record is unmatched from global mega-brands to local market challengers across sectors as diverse as Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Consumer Healthcare, Financial Services, Public Sector, Utilities, and Education.

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