Amazon is rapidly growing into the central hub of online shopping. 44 per cent of shoppers now start their online shopping sessions on Amazon. With industry experts indicating that Amazon will break the long-standing advertising duopoly of Google and Facebook as soon as 2020, if you’re in the e-commerce industry, advertising on Amazon is your best bet for maximising revenue.

Branching out into Amazon can open up a huge opportunity for increased sales from customers who likely aren’t looking for your products in traditional search engines.

How can you get in front of your audience?

Sponsored Products

The most common ad format on Amazon, Sponsored Product ads appear amongst organic search listings. They are eligible to show through targeting at the keyword level and like other PPC channels, costs are only incurred when a user clicks through the ad. After clicking through, the user lands on a relevant product page. This is a key way of increasing sales through Amazon, targeting people as they actively search for related products.

Sponsored Brands

Unlike Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands enable you to develop a strong presence for particular keywords, increasing user associations for particular product groups with your brand. Ads are made up of a short headline, a brand logo, and a carousel of your core product range. These ads are a great way to drive brand awareness for particular areas in Amazon.

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Mediaworks are able to implement logical and considered campaign structures. These not only better optimise your account at a keyword level, but also identify new areas of search volume growth, in addition to implementing creative ad formats to maximise user engagements.

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