How do you connect with your audience past the search engine results pages? Display advertising allows you to occupy a prime spot on websites that are relevant to your audience, providing a greater reach.

A branch of paid search, display advertising involves placing paid text, image, video or interactive ads on third-party websites that are popular with your target audience. This places your brand, products and services in front of those who are most interested.

Our Approach

Display advertising plays a key role in building awareness of your brand. Utilising the skills of our in-house design department, we’re able to create attention-grabbing, engaging visual ads with strong calls to action to drive user action and deliver the paid search results you want.

We primarily use the Google Display Network to test and implement ads. Every member of our paid search team is Google Certified, so we have the skills, knowledge and experience to ensure maximum success from this branch of your paid search campaigns.

What Are The Benefits?

Display advertising helps you better connect with your audience through relevant websites, increasing awareness, sales and encouraging brand loyalty. Achieve success with Mediaworks today.

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