Programmatic advertising is the process of using online technologies to buy and sell ad inventory through ad exchanges, using an automated and data-driven procedure.

It is predicted that around two-thirds of global digital advertising will be traded programmatically. Programmatic advertising is becoming increasingly more relevant and powerful, benefiting advertisers across all industries.

Our approach

The initial set-up of a programmatic campaign involves creating a thorough and deep understanding of your key target audience, analysing existing customer demographics and identifying any untapped user groups that are valuable to you so that we can maximise performance and focus.

Once the campaigns are up and running, we can then start to utilise advanced tools and features to start making optimisations to performance. This can include A/B split testing of ads, testing ad frequency and placements, audience specific bid adjustments, audience segmentation and conversion funnel ad variations, just to name a few.

Throughout all projects, reviewing the results generated is an integral part of our process. This allows us to identify what works best and achieve our target performance goals. In doing so, we can gather more data to create the perfect set of conditions that maximise your results.


Increased Ad Effectiveness

As with any campaign, being able to analyse campaign performance is essential. Through the use of programmatics real-time analytics we are able to quickly shift focus from one campaign to another based on performance to drive results.

Increased audience reach

Programmatic advertising gives access to inventory across multiple ad exchanges, which means that there is a huge availability of inventory that expands the advertisers potential reach. This allows for ads to be seen by far more people than they would on a single display network.

Greater targeting capabilities

The channel offers a much richer range of targeting options, which is a result of the large volume of user-generated data that is available for analysis. Access to multiple ad exchanges gives advertisers greater opportunity for audience segmentation and targeting tools.

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