Want to increase product sales, traffic and qualified leads? Google Shopping and Bing Shopping make for the perfect solutions.

Google Shopping, which was formerly known as Google’s Product Listing Ads, and Bing Shopping are types of paid search advertising which display your products in the search engine results pages. The ads feature an image of the product, as well as price, store name and more.


Our Approach

Google Shopping is a crucial type of paid search for retailers. Overall, it accounts for 43% of all retail ad clicks — so if you’re not currently implementing this type of campaign, you’re missing out on a crucial revenue share.

With 160 million unique searches a month and five billion monthly searches, you really shouldn’t be ignoring Bing either. Create Product Ads through Bing Shopping campaigns, and you will be able to showcase the items you want to sell and have a larger presence on a search engine results page.

From technology to fashion, we’ve implemented our data-driven, strategic approach to both Google Shopping and Bing Shopping across multiple markets. Through in-depth keyword research, we identify what your target audience is looking for and optimise your product feeds around both Google’s and Bing’s requirements. Continued monitoring and management of negatives allow us to further refine your campaign, increasing ROI even further.

Whatever your budget, we can tailor both a Google Shopping and a Bing Shopping campaign to ultimately increase your sales, traffic and revenue.


What Are The Benefits?

Both Google Shopping and Bing Shopping work to shine the spotlight on your products, promoting them within the search results. In general, they make for the best forms of revenue-generating advertising. Start your campaign with Mediaworks today.

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