September 14 2014

8 sites for infographic design inspiration

Want to design an infographic but find yourself staring at a blank page? Don’t be afraid to seek out a little inspiration: every design is influenced by something we’ve seen before, intentionally or not.

All designers are different, but there are a number of sites I personally find really useful for research and inspiration. I’ve listed some you need to check out below.

Just remember that before you start trawling page after page on design websites, it’s important that you thoroughly understand the infographic concept. Without properly grasping the content, its purpose and its audience, you won’t know when the right idea comes along.


Pinterest is one site that I use on a daily basis, for general interest and all design projects. It’s a tool that allows you to explore images related to almost any topic. Once you find something you like, you can ‘repin’ it to your own virtual inspiration board and compile content on different themes.

This is something that I’d highly recommend as it is a way of finding some amazing infographics or design pieces. Once you’re on and start pinning, good luck trying to get off! is dedicated to infographics, covering almost every topic. If you’re looking to see what’s already out there, this is where you need to be! This site is good inspiration for coming up with an original visual approach. It also features interactive pieces and motion infographics.


Colossal is a blog devoted to art, design and anything visual. This site is definitely one that is likely to inspire you! With its consistent new posts, it showcases some of the best artwork you’ll find on the internet. If I’m looking to create a unique header, this is where I come to brainstorm some ideas.


Behance is a professional online portfolio that showcases some of the best design work in the industry. It covers a wide range of creative fields from around the world and no matter what topic we’re working with, there will always be something related.

From Up North

From Up North is a design blog that I have saved on my favourites bar. I’ve found the more I visit this site, the more new things I want to try out. Although it doesn’t feature infographics as such, it has categorised inspiration galleries that are sure to stimulate creativity.

Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq is one of the most well-known design blogs going. The site features a lot of new typefaces and varied illustrative styles, which is helpful when you’re looking for a more imaginative approach.


Similar to Creativeblog, WIRED is great for keeping up with the latest design news. As it’s more tech-oriented, it’s especially good for technology-related projects.

It’s Nice That

It’s Nice That is another design blog, which is particularly useful for graphic design and illustrations. It’s definitely one to consider when designing headers or looking for style inspiration.

They’re my top eight sites for infographic design inspiration! I’d love to hear about the resources you use. Share your favourites in the comments below.

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