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Traffic, revenue, leads and brand exposure; we provide paid-search solutions that are the best fit for your business and goals.

Our Google Partner status means we’re always at the cutting edge when it comes to PPC (pay per click) and as you’d expect, our paid-search analysts are Google AdWords and Analytics qualified.

We can manage your AdWords from set up to sales scrutiny or work consultatively as an extension of your own marketing team. Together, we find the mix that fits for you.

When it comes to paid search, Mediaworks takes a unique approach that’s both system driven and creative, offering services that go far beyond PPC.

By getting to know you, your industry and your goals, we match you with the means to reach the right people online. Then, we continue to look for ‘problems’ to solve, those little snippets of data and information that make a paid campaign outstanding.

Our paid-search offering includes:

  • Google AdWords
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Remarketing

How we deliver

How we deliver


From the very start, clear communication is placed at the heart of your Mediaworks journey. By getting to know you, your needs and your goals, we create a structured online marketing campaign that makes best use of your budget and helps you progress online. While years of experience and unrivalled technical ability mean we are able to bring the essential skills to each project, no two campaign strategies look the same. We work with you to find the mix that’s right and regularly review and evolve strategy to consistently achieve maximum benefit.


Every client campaign has its own dedicated team specialists.  They work together so that you benefit from a creative approach that analyses and drives development from every angle. Your campaign team are passionate about the part they have to play in the development of your online profile, and by getting to know your brand they are able to continually find new ways to add value. Whether we manage an integrated campaign for you or work on one particular area, we’ll always take the full picture into consideration and make you aware of additional benefits


We know that the best results are achieved when we work alongside clients, sharing information, progress and setting clear objectives. Our transparent reporting structure makes it easy to understand the impact of your strategy, and your dedicated client relationship manager and project manager act as your representatives within Mediaworks, driving your campaign and ensuring delivery in line with expectations

Paid Search ManagementRelated Knowledge

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Penguin 4.0: Everything You Need To Know

Kev Strong


What has happened?

Towards the end of September, Google rolled out an update to its much discussed Penguin algorithm. This update officially launched on September 23rd and was named Penguin 4.0. It has brought key changes to the way Google penalises websites that try to manipulate rankings with black-hat link building methods.

What effect does it have?

  • Penguin data is now refreshed in real time, which means any changes made are quickly implemented as the page is re-crawled and re-indexed. This is a ‘fairer’ system, as technically it should discern good and bad content faster, which theoretically will lead to a site being penalised or recovering more quickly.
  • Penguin now penalises spam links in a different way, adjusting the offending page instead of the entire site. This could be huge for SEOs and bring about an end to harsh penalties that can see a whole site’s rankings plummet for one bad page.
  • THe algorithm now devalues pages rather than demote them. This means spam links may not be counted, which can cause your site’s rankings to drop – but Google won’t actually demote your site.

Overall, Google is now quicker to react to disavows and link recovery. The algorithm should also be less impactful for sites that only have a few bad links, affecting specific areas rather than the whole site.

However, the update has only had a minimal impact so far, as observed by the SEO community. About 12% of sites have seen recovery following the update, with 15% reporting a reduced rank – according to Search Engine Roundtable.

What should I do?

What can you do to take advantage of this change in the algorithm? Well, if you’ve been listening to Mediaworks’ advice recently, carry on as usual. We believe that a strong, quality-driven plan will provide high quality links naturally without the need for spam-tactics.

You should continue to root out and disavow any spam links to your website, as these can harm your rankings. It’s almost always better to try and assist Google’s complex AI in ranking your site – and there are still manual actions that can be issued against particularly spammy websites or link building efforts.

The algorithm change does not change much for SEO’s either – as we will continue to illustrate the value of high quality, contextual links that don’t come from low-quality websites.

Ultimately, Penguin has always been a measure that tries to combat ‘black hat’ style link-building. With the recent update, we will again see sites being measured and punished quickly – but also faster recoveries.

Still unsure? Get in touch today for further help and advice.


Paid Search ManagementRelated Work

  • Mediaworks has supported us through every step of our digital transformation. Instead of bombarding us with technical jargon, the team clearly communicates what is happening at each stage, ensuring we were fully informed about the progress of each project. Overall, the Mediaworks team is a pleasure to work with, exceeding our expectations both in terms of results and delivery. We look forward to continuing our work with them in the future.

    Lynne Harrop - Marketing Manager for Central Marketing and Design

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  • The team at Mediaworks have been brilliant to work with from day one and it has been so reassuring having our project in the hands of such highly skilled professionals. The service and outcome has been above and beyond all our expectations and we’re so happy to have a platform that really showcases our entire portfolio of beautiful hotels, bars and restaurants across the UK.

    Jonathan Sabarre - Group Marketing Manager, Cairn Hotel Group.

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    Cairn Hotel Case Study
  • We’ve been working with Mediaworks for almost a year now and came to them with very high expectations. They have certainly delivered the results we hoped for. Their attention to detail is fantastic and their approach to building a strong commercial relationship with clear, concise and regular communication is exemplary.

    Al Conroy - Managing Director, Freeze Pro Shop

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