Bringing new life to Your Water, Your Life.

Did you know that 80% of sewage blockages are caused by customers flushing wipes down the toilet? We worked with Scottish Water to create a new campaign website for Your Water, Your Life.

The Your Water, Your Life campaign came as the result of some stark statistics around blockages. The problem costs around £200 million a year in damage to roads and properties, and immeasurable harm to wildlife if they wash out into our rivers and oceans.

We think

Scottish Water's existing website wasn't working hard enough to highlight the need for action.

Scottish Water face many challenges which are directly impacted by the behaviours of the 2.6m+ households and 150,000+ businesses across Scotland they serve. We needed to create a new website that would engage Scottish Water customers and bring about real behaviour change.


We do

Working alongside the Scottish Water team, we built a new campaign site, which would act as an informational hub with customer-centric features.

We used multiple data points to understand how the website can best serve each audience. From journey mapping around every action, understanding the campaign's creative and messaging, to audience search behaviour and persona development. This deep understanding of the customer journey ensured that our information architecture would be designed for the specific needs of Scottish Water's customers.

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