Online Reputation Management (ORM)

The growth of social media has made it easier than ever to share opinions online. Negative reviews and articles can be incredibly detrimental to a brand’s reputation, so it’s vital that you have a strategy in place to protect your profile and build customer confidence.

Online Reputation Management monitors the conversation around your brand online, allowing you to identify and respond to threats to your reputation. It is an opportunity to regain control, diluting the impact that negative content can have and promoting your brand’s positives.


Our Approach

Mediaworks adopts a strategic approach to ORM that allows us to gain a full picture of your current brand-related search landscape. By gaining this 360-view of how your brand is perceived online, we can identify existing and potential threats to your reputation and devise a strategy to minimise the impact they can have.

We tailor your ORM strategy to your business needs, harnessing the power of your company’s website and social media channels, as well as positive content, PR and brand advocates, to address problem search terms. We’ll monitor your reputation over time to provide a real-time view of your digital reputation.

Whether you’re dealing with current reputational issues and negative PR, or want to protect your business against future threats, Mediaworks’ ORM service is your brand’s online guardian.


What Are The Benefits?

Ultimately, ORM helps protect your brand online, minimising the damage negative content can have and ensuring perceptions of your brand remain positive.

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