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November 09 2017

What we can learn from McDonald’s in contextualising campaigns

The key to any successful marketing campaign is connecting with your core audience of existing and potential customers. Fast food giant McDonald’s recently took this up a gear, launching a digital billboard campaign that specifically targeted drivers caught in traffic jams.
July 22 2016

10 Things That Can Go Wrong During a Website Migration

Find out the 10 most common problems you can encounter when migrating your website - and how to avoid them!
September 14 2014

8 sites for infographic design inspiration

Designer Anna Fenwick shares her top 8 websites for infographic design inspiration on the Mediaworks blog. Get ready to fill your bookmarks bar up!
March 21 2014

Robots in Disguise: 5 Creative Uses of Robots.txt and Source Code

Today’s post is a light hearted story about two common playgrounds for SEO tomfoolery; Source Code and Robots.txt. We’re going to look at some of the most creative uses of both and how, in some cases, they’ve led to some successful link acquisition!
January 22 2014

How to Choose an SEO-Friendly Company Name

Mediaworks explains how to choose an SEO-friendly company name that will help your new business enjoy online success. Read more now and get expert advice.
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