July 27 2021

Crafting the Perfect Higher Education Paid Advertising Strategy to Fuel Student Acquisition

The most significant shift in higher education markets will happen this year as efforts to attract domestic students will reach an all-time high. The pandemic is forecast to impact both student applications from overseas and delay the decisions of an estimated 20,000 domestic learners.

As higher education institutions adapt to virtual open days, interviews, and learning platforms, those who are able to adapt to changing student needs and accelerate student research into solid transactional enquiries have the opportunity to outperform their competition this year. 

Mediaworks share their advice on how to be first to mind in potential learners’ enquiries. They discuss the steps needed to position your institution where student start their journey – search.

Our experts share real-life examples of how you can optimise existing paid campaigns, deliver advertising copy to overcome potential learners’ challenges, and accelerate information gathering to Clearing enquiries.

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