January 15 2024

Data-Driven Storytelling: Why You Need Digital PR Link Building in Your SEO Strategy

Brand storytelling is becoming more popular with businesses not only looking to connect with their audiences better but also build their link profile. But how do you gain the attention of journalists with the work you’re producing?

A comprehensive marketing strategy should include digital PR as a strategy. Not only does this assist your website ranking, it can also boost your reputation, credibility, and recognisability. If you’re looking to become a thought leader in your area, this is how.

What is link building, and why does it matter?

Link building involves, very simply, getting external sites of authority to link back to your website. It is a search engine optimisation technique which improves your ranking by utilising the relevance and importance of other sites that indicate your content is the right content Google and the searcher are looking for.

This way, Google will better understand your business as an expert in your area. With E-E-A-T being of big importance to Google, being able to tie yourself to websites which already have this authority and expertise in your area is a must for building a strong link profile and boosting your SEO.

Not only does link building signal to Google that your website is important and trustworthy on your subject topic, helping you rank higher for your search terms, but it can also help your general public reputation. If you present yourself as thought leaders on topics, react to the news and put your two cents in, you’ll be able to capture the attention of your audiences where they are already naturally reading.

Why is content-based link building effective?

Link building, also known as content marketing, is an SEO technique that increases the Trust Flow to your site by gaining high-quality hyperlinks from relevant E-E-A-T approved sites to your content and products. These links must be authoritative and natural.

In this approach, you can build both a brand identity and your SERP authority. By getting your name out there on trending topics, you can reach your target audience while also using the natural hyperlinks embedded in your content to steer Google towards your site.

Content marketing link building is effective as it involves creating compelling articles journalists want to link to and credit you for. It is important to note that journalists won’t always publish it with a link, which is why producing strong content is a must. The stronger the content, the more desirable it is to a journalist.

Why you need DPR link building in your SEO strategy

Digital PR link building is an important service for your SEO strategy, as it helps build authority to your site and promote your business as thought leaders and experts within your area. Once your onsite SEO strategy is strong enough, being able to reach out to your audiences using content marketing can be a great way of building organic traffic to your site.

We offer a comprehensive package for your SEO needs, ensuring that your site is getting the visibility it deserves. Our in-house DPR team has the experience and connections to take content marketing to the right journalists and publications, ensuring that you’re getting the right audiences who are seeing the right content at the right time.

Is link building technical SEO?

Yes, link building is part of your technical SEO strategy. Technical SEO is anything that makes your site easier for search engines to crawl and find. This is built from an onsite SEO strategy which focuses on internal linking, optimisation, and site structure, among other things, as well as external digital PR and link building activities to drive organic traffic and visibility to your site.

Both your onsite SEO strategy and content marketing work in tandem to create the best authority and strength for your website. It is vital that you have a strategy which involves both SEO and DPR if you’re looking to build your authority and relevance as a company.

See how your onsite SEO strategy could work here.

Creating a data-driven storytelling strategy

Your content marketing strategy should be created with a data-driven storytelling approach. This means finding the unique nuggets of information your company can offer to produce high-quality content to land top DA placements across relevant publications.

Your content doesn’t only need to be engaging but also needs to offer something new to capture the attention of journalists. Consider your ‘news hook’ carefully: how can you position your business in relation to topical events?

Whether it is a comment on a new trend or using the data you have internally to produce an insight into your industry, both offer great value for you as a company, presenting you as a key thought leader in your industry.

It is also important to include an authoritative spokesperson within your article. Is there someone in your company who is an expert in a particular field? This will really set your content apart from your competitors and increase the chances of top media placements.

Data is crucial for your content marketing strategy. While you might think of content as simply words, having data can reinforce news hooks. Journalists are always looking for something new, unique, and able to grab their readers' attention. Understanding your audience is vital here – what are they looking for, struggling with, or even just their interests? If you’re able to jump on a trend quickly enough, or even before it starts, you’ll be in a great position to produce content that can make it across regional presses or in your relevant publications.

Thinking outside the box when it comes to your content strategy link building is also important. Your business might not offer occupational health, but if you’re a B2B company, commenting on calendar events such as Mental Health Week can highlight your company's values, improve your PR, and still build relevant links in the right publications that your audience is reading.

Want to learn more about how your SEO strategy can incorporate PR link building to boost your visibility and brand awareness? Contact us today.

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