4 content marketing mistakes you’re making

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When it’s done right, content marketing can help you better engage with your brand’s core audience. At Mediaworks, we’ve worked across many content marketing projects over the years, from Barbarian quizzes to Star Wars name generators.

However, within the industry, there is a wide-spread belief that content marketing delivers instant success. Yet, without laying the proper foundations, this isn’t always possible. If your current results are lacking, it could be because you’re making one of these mistakes:

A lack of clear goals

For some marketers, it’s very easy to dive head first into content marketing simply because it’s the done thing. In the excitement of keeping up with the Jones’ so to speak, we can often fail to clearly identify clear goals for what we want to achieve.

There’s no denying that content marketing can be an effective tool in helping you reach your goals, but if you’re not fully sure of what they are, you’ll find it difficult to realise the success you have achieved. Without clear goals, you’ll struggle to map out a solid strategy, meaning some of your budget may be diluted across less successful avenues.

Before you start any content marketing project, clearly identify what you want to achieve, whether it’s increased brand awareness, social interaction or the promotion of a specific service or products.

Choosing incorrect formats

Tying into the above point, different formats are better suited to different aims. For example, if you want to drive traffic towards your site and raise brand awareness, hosting content on-site — like an interactive, for example — could be more suitable than say an infographic.

Of course, there is fluidity between formats. There is no hard and fast rule for determining the best formats for success, however, this can largely be determined from the content you’re dealing with. Think like a user — how can they best interact with and understand the content? Should it be visualised or would a written format be more suitable?

Limited budgets

Too often, content marketing projects are limited by budgets. As you’d expect, if the funds aren’t available and corners are cut, the success that can be achieved is similarly limited.

Cutting corners when it comes to content marketing limits the potential your project can have. For example, what could be a multi-faceted content campaign becomes limited into one core piece. While this may target a section of your audience, you aren’t getting maximum return from the overall topic, which could leave your audience wanting more.

Ineffective promotion

We’ve already talked budgets, but what many people often neglect is how this budget is spent. Often, too much of a budget is spent on creating the content itself and while this is important to establish the quality of the content, it leaves the available budget for promoting the content limited.

Put simply, you can create the best piece of content in the world but if you’re not promoting it across the right places and to the right audiences, its impact is diluted. Strike the balance right between creating a quality piece and gaining the coverage it deserves.

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