5 Critical Paid Search Actions

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Mediaworks Head of Paid Search, Ben Homer shares 5 critical actions to help you manage your affiliate, paid search and social campaigns during this pandemic.

For further details on critical paid search actions, download our PDF: Critical Paid Search Actions You Should Be Taking – Mediaworks

1. Re-evaluate your KPI’s so they reflect the current climate

We are in an unprecedented time at the moment, so performance levels and expectations should be adjusted.

Accepting a lower ROAS and/or a higher CPA target is something that will allow you to generate more revenue during this crucial period.

2. Capitalise on your competitor’s strategies

If your competitors are pausing their digital strategies, it could be the time to capitalise.  Take placements and increase your online presence in places that you potentially would not have had the chance to previously.

Adapt and reshape your paid advertising strategy to stay at the forefront of potential customers in the rebound period.

3. Invest in social media advertising

Social media platforms are forecast to reach an all-time high over the next few weeks and months.

Consider the platforms and content your target audience spend most time on. Focus on building engagement in that space and build awareness so you are at the forefront of their mind as buying habits change.

4. Access your location targeting

Are you currently targeting users in a location which have different circumstances to your own?

Assess your paid marketing strategy in geographic regions. It could assist with saving expenditure. If you cannot service a specific region in the short term, change your messaging, save that budget, or reinvest it elsewhere.

5. Utilise the growth tab within merchant centre

For e-commerce businesses using Google Shopping there are some game changing insights that can be provided in the Merchant Centre.

From identifying areas of campaign optimisation opportunity to evaluating price competitiveness through benchmarking insights across the industry.

If you need any further support or information then do not hesitate to contact the Mediaworks team.

Thank You. Stay Safe.


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