6 Google Shopping feed enhancements unveiled

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6 Google Shopping feed enhancements unveiled

Google Shopping campaigns are set to replace Product Listing Ads by the end of August, and Google has now announced that it will update the Google Shopping feed specification to allow more flexibility in the organisation of product data, starting at the end of September.

The updates outlined below should help advertisers reach even more potential customers.

Mobile link

It will soon be possible to include links to mobile landing pages for smartphone and tablet shoppers. With an increasing amount of traffic coming via mobile platforms, this will be an important new feature as merchants optimise their feeds. Users can expect a more mobile-friendly shopping experience.

Merchant-defined bundles

This new feature allows advertisers to create custom bundles with the ‘is bundle’ attribute. This is particularly useful for promoting special offers; for example, customers may qualify for a discounted case when purchasing a laptop.


The current availability tab will be simplified: ‘available to order’ will be merged with ‘in stock’ so that any products available for delivery within the given time frame will still be listed as ‘in stock’.

In addition, shoppers will be able to find out when pre-ordered items are available for delivery with the ‘availability date’ attribute.

Apparel attributes

Advertisers will be able to give more detailed clothing descriptions for clearer guidance. More values are being added to ‘age group’, and we can expect to see two new details for size: ‘size type’ and ‘size system’.

New image and landing page recommendations

Google has created new image quality recommendations stating that products taken with white, grey or other lightly coloured backgrounds will attract more attention, and will be clearly visible across all devices.

There will also be new landing page recommendations with more examples and explanations for submitting landing page URLS.

Character limits

In the new specification guide, Google alerts users to attribute character limits to ensure the information is displayed correctly. Attributes over the character limit (such as the title or description) could be rejected.

Advertisers can read up on the new feed specifications and September 30th updates ahead of the launch, and prepare their Google Shopping feeds for the changes.


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