Ad-writing 101: perfecting paid search ad copy

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91% of searchers won’t look past page one of the search results. When done right, paid search (PPC) can cement your position on the first page, right where your customers are searching.

Just like a bland window display will do little to entice customers into a physical store, you need to write paid search ads that engage and excite your target demographic — and all within less than 140 characters in total!

Writing succinct yet conversion-driving copy isn’t easy; in fact, it’s something of an art form. Here, we share our tips for creating ad copy that delivers results:

Understand your audience and where they are in the buying cycle

Depending on the goals you want to achieve from your paid search campaign, your target audience may be at different stages of the buying cycle. Those at the early ‘informational’ stage, for example, are simply exploring their options; they won’t appreciate ad copy with an intense sales-focus. In contrast, this tone of voice is perfectly suited to those in the ‘transactional’ stages, who know what they want and are ready to buy.

In an age where personalisation is growing in popularity and prominence, tailoring your ad copy accordingly is increasingly important.

Make each character count

As we’ve already mentioned, you don’t have many characters to play with when it comes to writing your paid search ads, so you’ll need to choose what you do write wisely. Identify what the most important points are to convey and execute them through well-written, concise copy.

Ensuring the quality of the copy on your landing page is just as important as the actual ad itself. Insufficient information on the landing page is a bit like an unhelpful shop assistant; it will sour the shopping experience and, in most cases, will lower your quality score which in turn lowers the average position of the ad. Ultimately, this could lead to further problems down the line for both your organic and paid search campaigns, as Google will assume you have lower-quality content.

What do you want searchers to do?

Calls to actions are so important to paid search ads. You only have a few seconds to impress, so if it’s not clear what you want potential customers to do, chances are they’ll skip to the next retailer. Keep your call to action short and clear in every one of your paid search ads.

Entice them in but don’t give it all away

It’s wise to use your ad copy to act as a taster of what’s available on your website, whether this is the discounts or a summary of the information they can expect. It’s important to note that this is just a teaser; if you give it all away on the results pages, what reason do you give your potential customers to click through?

That said, you don’t want to be so vague in your ads that users are unaware of why they should visit your site over one of your competitors. Use USPs where possible to grab attention and get the balance right. Make sure that your chosen landing page adds more value to again keep bounce rates down.

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