Adapting Outreach Strategies During COVID-19

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Head of Outreach, Jake Holyoak, outlines 5 actionable steps to adapting your outreach strategy during COVID-19 and what new approaches you can take  to continue building strong links.

1. Relevant campaigns for people at home

During this difficult period, the time spent online is growing at rapid rates. Think about how your brand can help and assist the public with relevant campaigns that are tied to your product or service.

From daily workout plans to gardening guides, be helpful when people need it most and drive brand presence.

2. Pause a campaign if it’s not going to work at this given moment

You may have been working on several campaigns which are not possible to push out during this unprecedented time.

It’s fine to press pause on these. There will always be the possibility to use them in the future. The key during this time is to focus on what people want to consume now and what is important to the wider public.

3. Listen to your audience

Consider setting up social listening tools to see exactly what your audience is talking about. This way, you’re able to tailor your content to better suit their needs.

4. Offer valuable insight

Providing helpful insights and tips to journalists during the crisis is a great way of offering expert opinion and helps position yourself as a trusted business in the eyes of consumers.

5. Don’t be scared to try something new

Unique circumstances offer the opportunity to pilot, measure, and scale or discard new approaches against short-term consumer demand.

Think about leveraging your wider business community with content around togetherness, or how you can bond with your customers during this period.

If you need any further support or information then do not hesitate to contact the Mediaworks team.

Thank you. Stay safe.


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