All In This Together – What We’ve Learned So Far?

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Looking back over a successful month of working remotely, we wanted to share our top tips and measures we have put in place to ensure Mediaworks maintains the culture that we pride ourselves on, even when working from home.

Encourage early morning routines

Setting a morning routine for work can be difficult without the daily commute or regular fitness session. Staff should be encouraged to stick to their pre-work structure. If they usually exercise in the morning, find a way to engage them with a HIIT or yoga workout, or close down the working day with a late afternoon run.

The staff at Mediaworks have been jumping into daily virtual workout sessions at 7am, with the half hour exercise proving particularly effective in keeping their minds fresh for a busy day ahead. We also have established a running club where team members can log their runs each day in a leaderboard to help maintain that competitive edge.

Business as usual with a twist

If your business can still operate to its full potential, encourage all of your usual plans to go ahead through virtual channels instead.

While email can be effective for making an official decision or passing on information, inboxes can get clogged up quickly. If you need to ask a quick question or send a fast update, use Microsoft Teams or a similar software as a savvy alternative to email.

Each morning, Mediaworks holds a stand up between each internal team within the business to discuss aims and goals for the day.

We have also created an interactive group chat, linking everyone in the business together. We hold weekly competitions such as ‘Rate My Plate’, ‘Best and Worst Quarantine Haircut’s’, and even ‘Introduce Your New Work Colleague’ (pets, partners, babies etc.)

We have established a weekly newsletter which includes company updates, birthday celebrations, and upcoming events, so we can all stay connected.

3pm Friday company catch ups are continuing at Mediaworks too, while adding somewhat of a twist to the usual group gathering in the Town Hall. Staff have had the opportunity to don their best fancy dress on the call, guaranteeing laughs across the board.

Social distance as a team

Find ways to keep people engaged outside of working hours. It is important for people to catch up with the news and their Netflix shows, but with Covid-19 dominating the headlines on all TV stations and social channels, a bout of escapism could be the order of the day.

Special virtual “pub” quizzes, digital poker, and bingo have helped to take our team’s minds away from the office in the evenings and weekends with Zoom and Teams being employed in a more extra-curricular fashion.


We are all experiencing unprecedented times. However, here at Mediaworks, we have utilised what we have at our disposal to the best of our ability, ensuring that our staff can continue to function in very much the same way we have become accustomed too.

The age-old rhetoric of ‘keep calm and carry on’ seems more appropriate now than ever before. By implementing these methods, we have discovered a way of helping quash the effects felt by the irregularity we are experiencing.


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