Are You Ready For Black Friday?

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Are You Ready For Black Friday?

November 29th 2013 will just be another day in the UK but, on the other side of the pond, the United States will be celebrating one of its biggest holidays: Thanksgiving. While families are preparing their turkey dinner, retailers across America will be getting ready for Black Friday – the busiest shopping day of the year, which falls the day after the national celebration.

Thought to be called Black Friday as it indicates the point at which retailers begin to turn a profit or get ‘in the black’, the date brings the biggest sales of the year as people queue up at stores to get bargains and Christmas gifts. It is known for attracting aggressive crowds looking for a deal.

As ecommerce grew, marketing companies wanted to persuade Thanksgiving shoppers to buy online, so Cyber Monday was born. claims to have coined the term. The event marks the endpoint of the Black Friday weekend sales, and has become the biggest online shopping day in the United States.

Like a lot of American culture, Black Friday has migrated across the Atlantic to the UK. A quick look at Google trends shows that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are growing each year exponentially in the UK.

Black Friday in the UK – Google Trends

The popularity of Black Friday is on the rise

The above graph, taken from Google Trends, shows how interest in Black Friday has increased in the UK over the past few years. Each spike represents the fourth Friday in November, except the small peak in April 2011, which coincides with the release of one-hit wonder Rebecca Black’s song Friday. If trends are anything to go by, then 2013 will be a huge year with more UK sites offering Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Amazon was one of the first retailers to bring Black Friday over to the UK in 2010, and with its growing popularity, the company will have a full week dedicated to the US phenomenon this year. Along with Black Friday deals, Amazon is also preparing for Cyber Monday, which saw the sale of 3.5 million items in 2012. The business is anticipating another peak sales period this time around.

For any retailers that have not been involved in a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale before, this year would be a great time to start. These events provide a great opportunity to clear out your stock ready for the high demand in the build-up to Christmas, helping you turn over a tidy profit. With more and more retailers opting in to these holiday sales, businesses do not want to get left behind by competitors.

Setting aside a slightly bigger budget for the surge in traffic is highly recommended: you certainly don’t want to miss out on the extra search volume and sales. If you haven’t already done so after the update to Ad Rank, which you can read more about here, this would also be a perfect time to update your Ad Extensions to ensure you are promoting any Black Friday sales or special offers. Make sure that all of your location extensions are up to date in order to harness the potential of extra virtual footfall that search can generate.

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